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Lovely moments Tiger of the Year Decorative Night Lamp

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Lovely moments Tiger of the Year Decorative Night Lamp

2022 is a Water Tiger year. To attract luck and to make this mighty and noble animal notice you,
add gifts with nice signature designed souvenirs.

The decorative Tiger of the Year night lamp, a favourite of many, but with the symbol of the oncoming year now is already a kind tradition for FABERLIC.

This original accessory will be a perfect match for the Christmas interior, will add a cosy and magical glow. The night lamp can be attached to any smooth surface and turned on with a click of the button under the lampshade as it is not heated up during operation.

It can be stuck again on a new spot as the adhesive basis is intended for multiple uses.

  • A source of light: 3 LEDs.
  • A battery: 1 CR 2032 battery is included.
  • Size: 30.8 × 13 х 1 cm.
  • Material: cardboard, PVC.

Weight: 60.0 gr.

Country of Origin: China

Collection:  Lovely Moments


Cardboard, PVC.

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Оксана Ш.
712312922 | 20.11.2021
ночник ярко светит?

Faberlic Team
Добрый день! С хорошо заряженными батарейками светильник светит ярко, но точечно. Он не озаряет тусклым светом всю комнату, а светит ярко в определенном месте. По мере того, как садится батарейка, светильник светит более тускло.
Светлана Г.
711377471 | 03.11.2021
Ночник прекрасный,купила в первый раз,была очень рада,что интересно сделан.