Our Production Centre


The Faberlic production facility in Moscow covers more than 45,000 square metres, and is equipped with the most advanced technology.

Adhering to European quality standards, the Faberlic production facility features the most advanced and environmentally friendly equipment, automated production lines, and automated packaging lines for cosmetic products.

Our automated production process allows us to produce high-quality products using the latest technology, such as vacuum homogenizers. These are able to produce a cream emulsion with submicron-sized particles (0,1-0,5 microns).

By rate of potential capacity and floor space area, the Faberlic production facility is one of the largest in Russia.

All our products undergo mandatory testing in accordance with GOST and SanPiN. The Faberlic company is included in the state register of manufacturers of environmentally friendly and safe products.

In 2010, the Company received a certificate of cosmetics production conformity to ISO 22716 Cosmetics - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This is the international standard "Cosmetics. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)", which was developed in November 2007 for companies producing cosmetic products. Compliance with GMP terms allows us to standardize our production process and achieve a high level of product quality. This is also mandatory for releasing products on the international market.

Faberlic cooperates with leading European factories, chiefly with Italian manufacturers of decorative cosmetics, which offer innovative products. And our perfume compositions are made in France under the guidance of famous perfumers such as Thomas Fontaine, Bertrand Duchaufour, Delphine Lebeau, Antoine Lie, and many others.

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