Faberlic Research and Development Centre

In-house Research and Development Centre
formulas since 2002
The main function of the Research and Development Centre
Creation and implementation of unique cosmetic formulas, research cooperation with leading laboratories in Russia and Europe. Most of the scientific research is devoted to innovative ingredients and the technologies used in cosmetic production and to new developments in the chemistry of cosmetics.
including international, have been received as a result of the efforts of Faberlic’s R&D Centre employees.
Great attention is paid to the evidence-based approach to cosmetology as well as to the clinical trials of drugs. The emphasis is placed on the use in cosmetology of transdermal oxygen carriers, preparations based on perfluoro compounds (AQUAFTEM-O2 and its modifications).
R&D Centre structure
Laboratory for New developments
Creates formulas for cosmetic products and carries out scientific research.
Quality Management Department
It consists of the physical-chemistry and microbiological laboratories, where full monitoring is carried out to ensure the compliance of products within quality control parameters. Very close attention is paid to the monitoring of air cleanliness within the production facilities and equipment, as well as to the quality control of raw materials and packaging. Since 2017, the quality control of our own production of product packaging tubes has been carried out.
The Faberlic R&D Centre
carries out production certification, compliance is confirmed by an annual audit.
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Product safety assessment
Is carried out using IN VITRO methods – animal testing is NOT CARRIED OUT
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ISO 9001-2015
Quality management system for the development and production of perfumes and cosmetics
Halal certificate
The products do not contain ingredients that are prohibited to members of the Islamic religion, and comply with Islamic canonical law
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Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
The international quality standards that guarantee that all equipment, production methods and technical processes remain at a high level. All products are subject to mandatory testing in accordance with GOST and to sanitary regulations and standards.
The company purchases raw materials from more than ten countries around the world, including:
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Faberlic quality assurance policy

Dear costumer!

Scientific research has validated the use of modern technologies and unique ingredients used in the manufacture of products.

In the effort to continuously improve the quality and competitiveness of the products, as well as to increase the level of customer satisfaction, the company's management shall undertake to:


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