Take your eyelashes
to the highest level!

Volume mascara

  • Unique polymers in the composition provide even, long-lasting cover without flaking or fallout around your eyes
  • Ultra black mascara for out-of-this-world lash volume
  • The fibre brush with straight cutouts lifts and tints eyelashes in one movement
Creates a "fox eye" effect
Lashes will be as long as possible at the outer corner.

Get rid of the baggage
of imperfections!

FIRST CLASS concealer

2-in-1: Concealer and Foundation

  • The ultra-pigmented texture hides imperfections and creates an impeccable matte finish
  • INTERCOSHINE* technology gives you long-lasting, comfortable coverage
  • SPF30
Large applicator
Lets you quickly and easily apply and blend the product as a concealer and a foundation simultaneously
*patented technology from Italian company INTERCOS

The foundation
of first-class

First Class foundation fluid

  • The ultra-pigmented texture hides imperfections from the first touch
  • Silky fluid texture with an ultra-matte finish
  • INTERCOSHINE* technology helps fluid last up to 16 hours
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VITA ROSE active ingredient
Protects your skin against the effects of free radicals and improves elasticity
*patented technology from Italian company INTERCOS

Please fasten your seatbelts!

your journey to first-class makeup has begun!

Our route will be mapped by mascara, and the concealer and foundation fluid will form a solid base for take-off